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By Katrina K.

Todd is amazing and definitely knows his business! We have a rat problem that we couldn't solve on our own. Another company came out and did a terrible job and caught nothing. Todd came out, looked for where the rats were coming in, gave me tips on how to keep them out and set better traps. We caught a rat within 48 hours. I would definitely recommend calling these guys before anyone else!

By Katie H.

We have had a MAJOR problem with yellow jacket wasps this year. There were two nests on our property, one in an apple tree and one in the siding of our home. Before having Standard Pest Control come out, we had someone by to spray the nest and try to plug up the entrances. This didn’t work at all, so we called the professionals! They came by and took less than 30 minutes to bring the nest down and thoroughly spray both nests. They were incredibly friendly and professional, and humored me by answering all my silly pest control questions! Would HIGHLY recommend the company.

By Andrea P. 

Standard Pest Control is always helpful and available when you need them. They have come out on short notice to inspect and treat, and are always honest and prompt. Highly recommend.

By Chin Y. 

Todd and his family have done a great job ensuring our home is insect free. Their quarterly plan of spraying is spot on and they do not try to sell any additional services that’s not needed. I noticed a good size wasp nest on the home and after texting Todd about it that night, he had someone out the next day to take care of it. Of course, at no cost. Great dealing with local business and getting personal attention without going through some big contact center. Highly recommended.

By TeamCsquared

Again, Todd has come to the rescue! I have been using Standard Pest Control for over 8 years now and in that time, there have been more than a couple of urgent situations involving bees and yellow jackets. On each occasion, Todd and his company were lightning fast to respond, and always have managed to work in my emergency treatment into their schedule. Thank you all for the peace of mind! I would recommend Standard Pest Control to anyone without reservation!

By Matt V.

Todd handled my wasp nest problem very quickly. Great customer service and good prices, I highly recommend using this company!

By Marcus S. 

Excellent Family Owned Business

We have been using Standard Pest Control for over seven years.  Every time we have a pest issue, we contact Standard.  They are punctual, courteous, professional and get the job done.  Every treatment has worked, and they don't attempt to sell unneeded additional services.  Highly recommend.

By Tori H. 

When I discovered a likely rat infestation in my basement, I was totally panicked. I contacted a few different companies and feel so lucky I ended up working with Todd. He was quick to respond and completely thorough. Rather than just laying out traps, he found the rats' nest and entry point, excluded them from the house and set out permanent professional bait stations. It was worth every penny to have his help, and I will definitely be taking advantage of his quarterly rodent control visits.

By Mike C. 

Called Standard Pest Control because a screen from my crawl space vent had been penetrated and I was not sure what was in the crawl space. Todd, the owner, called me back in about 15 minutes and set a time to come the next day. He listened to my concerns and offered a course of action to solve the problem. As he suspected, it was a rat.  He gave me suggestions on how to prevent this from happening again.

I highly recommend Standard Pest Control and will call them for any pest control issues. Thanks Todd, it was a pleasure to work with you.

By Alice M. 

Have to say Todd of Standard Pest Control did a great job today.  He was prompt getting back to me and able to treat my home & yard 2 days after I first contacted him.  He was very thorough about finding out our issues and then explaining exactly what he was doing and the products he used.  He was very considerate about our pet. I plan to continue using his services.

By Wade G. 

They should change the name of this business to "Setting the Standard Pest Control"!
I had an ant problem and Todd came to the rescue. He was professional and courteous. He explained all the processes and what he was doing and why. I would recommend this business to anyone, they truly set the Standard!

By Matt B 

I have had Todd come to my house on two different occasions.  The first time, during the spring of 2017, he gave me his opinion, and the second time, today he treated the issues I have been having with moisture ants.  The first visit, there was no charge, but he spent some time with me explaining his opinion, and I was very impressed.  The second visit he explained more and went far beyond my expectations by treating the issues and discussing it with me along the way.  Todd is very knowledgeable and extremely personable!  I would not hesitate an instant to hire Todd again for future issues.  You can't go wrong with his expertise and manner.  Thanks!

Paul H.  

This summer we had the worst flea infestation I've ever seen until Todd treated our house. I've been walking around barefoot for the last several days and haven't seen or felt a single flea. We're happy and our cats are very happy!


Nicole B. 

Called Standard for some advice about a possible mouse/rat issues, they were extremely helpful and straight forward, I will definitely call them in the future.


Paul K. 

Todd is spectacular.  My wife and I moved up from CA a few months back, and we've had Standard service both our temporary rental (pest and bug haven) and our new home.  Todd is responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous.  I highly recommend this company (and I'm not one to hand out recommendations often).


Amber B. 

We needed someone to come take care of these ants in our house in Chehalis. They were very responsive on here, and very friendly on the phone. Making an appointment was a breeze, with same week availability. They commit to coming back as many times as necessary to get rid of the pests. Though surprisingly, so far, only one visit was necessary. They also use environmentally friendly substances that don't make your house smell like Raid for a week. I would recommend these guys! Oh also they are a father and son team - so I love supporting small local businesses like this.


By Peter B. 

I strongly recommend Standard Pest Control. My sons thought that there were some bed bugs in my bedroom. They called Todd Player, the owner, and he came out this morning, September 20, 2016,  with the chemicals mixed and prepared, mainly but not totally organic.   Todd carefully and thoroughly inspected my room and said there were definitely no bed bugs. What my sons had thought were bed bugs were a few beetles. I offered him some money for his efforts and time and diagnosis but he refused to accept any money. Todd Player also explained an easy way to get rid of mice in the attic that did not require any help from his company. I was impressed by Todd's knowledge, keen eye and honesty and strongly recommend him.  

By Jim D. 

Wow, one phone call and about an hour later our pesky wasp nest was done.  A week later still positive results they're gone, done, dead.  I'm saving this business card for any pests that ever show up.

By Carlos B. 

I don't write many reviews. But, I have now used Standard pest control on several occasions. I have never had a company repeatedly go above and beyond the call of duty. They have always showed on short notice which I find pretty awesome. Most companies are days to weeks out. Todd will always find time. Also, the work he does is thorough and complete. If he says he will be back in two days to check...he will be back. He will not chase money and forego you in the process. I can only say if you ever need help with any pest problems and you need a solution from a honest guy and company, Standard Pest Control will be the company to call.

By Seth W. 

I had a freaked out tenant that was convinced we had rats in the house and one was in the wood stove as we speak. Todd the owner met with the tenant on short notice the same day, did a thorough inspection and found no rats, only starlings, including a very confused one trapped in the wood stove which he freed. Great bedside manner with my tenant to explain there were no rats and quick service. This was my first time using Standard and I will be sure to use them again.

By Tracy L. 

Our pest man from Standard is Anthony and he's great. He is so thorough and helpful. The  pests are  gone and he comes quarterly to make sure. Today I called about a wasps nest and he's taking care of it in a timely manner even though he's not scheduled to be out here for awhile.
The company is very efficient and even when you leave a message someone gets back to you quick. We are very happy  and well taken care of with Standard Pest Control. ...thanks guys!

By Ron O. 

I've used these guys for many years now. Either Todd or his son Anthony. Are always at my house within an hour or so. We get sugar ants all around our newish house of 7 years. Fast service. Ants don't come back for a year or two after that. Might have them come and spray for spiders. I will continue to use them when we move out to Nisqually. Thank you guys!

By Manda P. 

Todd is awesome. What I like most about him is his love for animals, and his dedication to using the least harmful methods for getting rid of pests.  He connected with my cats both times I've had him come out.

First time he came out to my house was in early 2015 to deal with a roof rat that we'd heard scurrying about and gnawing on things. He set a bunch of traps in the attic, and did a thorough walk-through of our house to show us things we could do to prevent rodents in the future. When he came back to check the traps, the little bugger had eaten the peanut butter off one trap without setting it off! So Todd took away all the other traps, reset it with more sensitivity, and the next day... BOOM! Little (BIG) bugger gone.  He set some more traps and came back one last time just to be sure. No more rats. 

Second time was today. We found some rat droppings in the house this time and were really worried (especially since we'd done some of his tricks and sealed our basement (like REALLY well).  He was very nice and remembered our house as soon as he got here.  He looked around, said it was all clear, and gave me some more tips on things I can do to be absolutely sure. He also set a trap in the house that was safe from the cats.  He said to keep an eye on it and let him know if it catches anything.  He thinks the droppings could be old ones from the rat last year.

Again, this guy is very caring, very thorough, and obviously loves what he does. I recommend him to everyone.

By Irene H. -

If I could give 6 stars I would!  We had just moved from Florida and were naive regarding rat problems and signs of infestation. Todd came to our rental house over Labor Day weekend, when the leasing company's "regular guy" would not come out because it was a holiday. He treated us with great respect and compassion, and showed genuine concern as we had a 1 year old daughter. He followed up daily with the progress and assisted with addressing several vulnerable spots in the house. Todd could not have given us a better impression of the people in the state of Washington. If you are looking for someone who goes above and beyond in the area of customer service, look no further!

By Larry H. 

What great and timely service....called at noon and they were there in just a couple of hours.  Evil wasps gone.  Great service.

By Sugar W. 
I called them, left a voice mail, and they replied in only 15 minutes. 2 hours later my yellow jacket infestation had been treated and within another hour the bugs were all dead. Hooray! One shot deal, decent price, senior discount and quick service. That's one business to keep in my "useful people" file!

A big national chain wanted me to sign up for a year's worth of treatments and at an enormous price, and they called me back 3 times in 3 hours when I didn't agree to that. Standard Pest Control was sensible, to the point, and what I expect of a business. I had also called another local pest company, and their price and Standard's were very close, so I knew it was right. And both said it would be a one treatment cure, which it was. Standard was definitely the best.
By James D. 
Ever since I started using standard pest control 3 years ago I have slept peacefully at night knowing I'm not going to wake up with a spider crawling on me. Great company that knows what they are doing! 5 stars!
By Jeremy B. 
I've had Todd out to my house a few times for rodent issues as well as insects.  Each time Todd has come out, he has taken the time to educate on the nature of various pests and steps that I can take to prevent future issues.  Todd doesn't do unnecessary treatments or try to talk you into a costly service plan, he just takes care of the problem.  I will continue to call on him and recommend him for all my pest control needs.
By Lisa B. 
Found Todd via Yelp and scheduled an appointment for our new house which had WAY too many spiders lurking around. Super nice guy. Got the job done and even came back out a few days later to spray a little heavier when I saw "Bob" the house spider and his brother "Little Bob" still hanging around in my kiddo's room! I'll continue using Standard Pest for our pest control needs. Thanks Todd!
By Ed G. 
I have been very happy with Standard Pest Control. We had a pretty serious problem with rats and they totally turned around our situation. Last week I suspected that we had rats in the house and Anthony came multiple times to set and monitor traps. He even sprayed scent neutralizing spray inside our home. He took the problem seriously and went above and beyond anything I would have expected.  Both Anthony and his dad Todd are just great and we are happy to be working with a true family run business.
By Jocelyn W. 
I am very pleased with the service we receive from Standard Pest Supply. Anthony comes to our work-place on a regular basis. We deal with the refuse and recycling in Thurston County and by nature of our profession we deal with pests. He is very quick to respond to our needs, professional and always a pleasant. Standard Pest Control goes above and beyond to satisfy their customer's needs. If you have pests, give them a call. You will not be disappointed!
By Cathy S. 
Why didn't I call Standard sooner? Heavens, Todd is such a nice guy, and knows what he's doing. I had a variety of issues which I'd (unsuccessfully) been trying to deal with, but I finally had it when a legion of ants invaded. Todd came promptly, was very pleasant, and also took time to explain everything to me. I particularly appreciated his concerns about my small dog (with a big personality) and he was careful to choose treatments which would not harm her. He has returned a few other times for follow-up/new issues, and I am so pleased I found such a reliable, friendly service. I highly recommend Standard!
By Drew D. 
Todd is quick to respond to voice mails and definitely goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done right. I was very impressed with his customer service and willingness to take the time to talk with me on the phone to understand the issues as well as share his knowledge with me.
Thanks Todd! I appreciate your help.
Jeremy B. 
I used Standard Pest Control for pest control services. They took care of my rodents. I had a good experience with them. They gave free advice. When I asked them to come by anyway to follow through to set up some traps they followed through several times.
Erica V. 
Well it's been months since I've seen a spider around our home, thank you! What impressed me about Standard Pest Control was the punctuality, the old fashioned quality service and the selective application. They know the vulnerable nooks and crannies and don't hose down the area with chemicals.
Chris K. 
I've been using Standard for years at home and business and have always been very happy with the service they provide. Todd and Anthony are great, personable, very knowledgeable, and for some odd reason really enjoy the pest removal business! Keep up the good work!
Jane D. 
I have been a business manager for over 14 years which I need to use a pest control company typically 2-4 times per month depending on the business location and needs. I have used Pest Control, which was the worst experience and several other large pest control agencies. After years of constant disappointment, I had to make another change. Luckily, I found Todd with Standard Pest Control. This is the BEST pest control company to use in the greater Olympia area, hands down! Trust me...I have used the other guys and had nothing but regret. If you have any pest control needs, you have to use Standard otherwise it's a waste of time and money. Todd and Anthony are AWESOME! They will come out the same day or next day, whenever I have requested! The prices are very reasonable. I have Standard taking care of all our locations and have for over 7 years. You will be happy with his's more than standard.
Anne F. 
Todd has become invaluable in managing our properties. He's dealt with bees nests, under the house intruders, rodent and spider issues in a punctual, respectful and affordable manner. His services are one of the few I can recommend to friends and family without a second thought, knowing he will ensure their satisfaction. He's a caring individual, military friendly and a great source of advice and knowledge even when it isn't going to profit him.
His chemical applications are precise and thoughtful. I was concerned with having our home treated but the application was odor free, pet friendly, minimal and most important...EFFECTIVE! With his years of experience, he has seen it all and knows exactly where trouble spots are.
The spiders can live happily on the land but it's sooooo nice to have a spider free home! Thank you!

By Molina K. 
I just spoke with Todd on the phone and asked him about rodents.  He gave me great advice over the phone.  He said only if simple things don't work, should I then get a professional.  He was great, honest and tried to save me money.  He gave me advice on spiders right over the phone too.
Michael R. 
We had a rodent problem. We wanted a pet and child friendly solution. Todd at Standard Pest Control gave us a plan and he took care of our problem at a very fair cost. His communication was excellent. He wanted to provide a good service at a fair price. They know what they are doing. I would not hesitate to call them or refer them to anyone.
Missy G.
Two days ago, my 3 and 5 year old daughters stumbled upon a yellow jacket nest in our backyard and were stung multiple times; the back yard was quarantined and I contacted multiple "bee/wasp harvest " agencies, but no one returned my calls or email. Then, late this afternoon I went into my closet and went to grab a skirt before dinner and was met with six angry yellow jackets. NOPE! Fine, I'll wear my shorts. My husband came home and before our eyes and to our horror, six bees became twenty, became fifty, became HUNDREDS. Apparently the yard wasn't enough real estate; they had nested in our attic and were scouting our bedroom for a home stay. NOT COOL. Those suckers needed to go down. Nathan found Standard Pest Control. Todd was kind enough to take our call after hours on a FRIDAY NIGHT. He left dinner to come to our rescue immediately. He took care of the nest in the attic and the yard and even took care of some freaktastic Shelob spiders we discovered along the way. A kind, honest guy with a great care for our safety and was beyond skilled in his services. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! We were clearly in over our heads, and God knows what our home would be like if we had to wait till Monday for help. Super Awesome Bonus: his spray for the wasps already in the home is non-toxic (derived from chrysanthemum), and his powder is good for at least a year. He schooled us on life cycle and nesting patterns and assured us that, in the unlikely event we should need his services for these stinkers again, he would happily and quickly come back to take care of it. Great dude, great warranty, great service, great skill, and well worth the great price! I only wish we knew about Todd when we were dealing with The Great Ant Invasion of 2011! He is our hero. Get the man a cape and call it good.
James T. 
I contacted Todd at 9:00 am today about rodents at our place. He was very responsive and helpful. He arrived at my country property at noon and assessed our situation, made recommendations for what we should and should not do, and determined we did not need his services at this time. He also checked our 19 year old cedar shake home for evidence of bugs and found none. I appreciated his honesty and efficiency. I am keeping his business cards and will call only Standard Pest for all my "pest" needs. I am well satisfied with his responsiveness, professionalism and advice.
Tim. M. 
We bought our house 5 years ago and consider it an important investment. I want to thank Todd and Standard Pest Control for providing such thorough attention to a carpenter ant problem, all the while remaining friendly, timely, and accountable. It is great to support a local business that has high professional standards.
Leo K. 
We found a bees nest in the siding of our house and I called up Standard Pest Control to get rid of them. Before they got to our house I looked around for any additional nests... I found another. Then when Anthony (very nice guy) got here from Standard Pest Control we did a walk around the house. We found two more nests! I asked him if the price he originally quoted me was just for one nest and he said no, it would cover all four nests we found! Awesome! I would highly recommend this company.
John D.
Excellent small business. We bought a house while we were still living 3000 miles away. The house had several pest issues (powder post beetles, carpenter ants, birds, etc) that we had to deal with from across the country. We were perfect customers to get ripped off since we couldn't oversee the work. But Todd was amazing - competent, helpful. Gave us an estimate far below our expectations and then the actual charges were less than his estimate! Again, we had never seen the problems so he could have charged anything. He did significant "demolition" (tearing out rotten garage wall coverings) in order to effectively apply chemicals. I've talked to him many times and would recommend him/Standard to anyone.
Susan B. 
Todd was very helpful to us and probably saved us a ton of money!! We appreciate his expertise. Thank you Todd!!!!
Melissa S. 
Todd was so professional when he showed up at my door step! He was in and out after treating our kitchen for those little teeny tiny pesky ants, then treated the outside perimeter of our home. While he was there he noticed a bee starting to build a hive on my porch, so he kindly took care of that for me for no additional cost. I was able to ask him all the questions I had and he was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to calm all of my fears and concerns. Todd left a little bit of information with us in regards to his quarterly treatments. We are definitely considering it because it's so affordable and will give us great peace of mind that our home and our property is protected against nasty bugs!
Patrick L. 
Everyone that I have met and talked to at Standard has been incredibly friendly and candid; they genuinely want their customers to understand the products that they use, and their satisfaction policy is about as good as it gets. Honest people doing good work is increasingly hard to come by, don't you know? ...But hopefully I never have to call them again! Haha.
Debbie W. 
I am very pleased with Todd's attention to detail and fast response to any problems that occur with my rental properties. I had previously used a bigger company and was very unhappy when they missed a situation that got out of control and did major damage to my property. I did some research and so was happy to find Standard Pest. A local company who cares about its reputation and customers. Thanks again for the great service!
I had a hot water tank in our basement replaced and discovered termites so I called this local pest control company and they were quick to treat the area so we could get our new tank installed same day. Thanks Standard Pest Control.
I had a huge wasp problem. I saw how highly recommended this company was on the Internet so I gave them a call. Todd came out the same day and treated the nest. He said it would take about 12 hours. It's been approximately 1 1/2 hours and no more wasps flying by my front door!! I am totally impressed and highly recommend this company!
As a property manager in the Olympia area, I have relied on Todd/Standard Pest Control to handle pest problems at a number of properties over the last four years. Todd is always very professional and promptly handles requests for service. I also appreciate the fact that he takes time to educate customers regarding prevention of future problems. I highly recommend Todd/Standard Pest Control.

I highly recommend Todd. I have been relying on him for over 4 years and call him whenever one of the properties we manage has a problem with pests. Todd has always interacted with our clients in a professional manner and he goes out of his way to educate, explain and provide feedback regarding steps to take so that a problem will not recur. Denise, Property Manager in Olympia.
I agree with the previous reviewers! Todd went above and beyond in taking care of a moisture ant problem under my house so that I can proceed with some plumbing repair. He made 3 visits to ensure that the ants were taken care of and like an earlier reviewer mentioned, he did this at no extra cost. He even took a few photos with my digital camera so I could see for myself what the area looks like now. I will recommend him to anyone I know who needs pest control!

Honest, fast, old fashioned quality service.
Used a national company for pest control previously. Opted to go with a local company this time and couldn't be more pleased! Todd went above and beyond treating our home for carpenter ants. His prices are very reasonable and the service he provided was outstanding. I was able to decrease what I previously paid for pest control substantially and yet get got superior service. I will use Standard Pest Control again!
I discovered Standard Pest Control via word of mouth, and am so grateful. Todd has gone above and beyond in my pest fighting efforts. From helping me further explore a pest problem in a foreclosure after the inspector said all was ok, to spraying at the house I finally bought and returning quickly when a new pest popped up, he has been 100% reliable, on time (which is so important to me, and hard to find these days), and is worth much more than he charges for. He doesn't overdo treatments and is conscientious about the health of pets and kids, and the balance of nature. He has helped me understand the difference between when and when not to treat (ants appearing, vs spiders likely blowing in from trees which can be handled without chemicals.) You won't get better, more thoughtful service!
Jim and Char 
Todd has been fantastic. When we have a problem he gets right out here. We have a huge colony of tiny ants that he is working on for us and has been here three times...but only one bill. How many others would do that? Our neighbor saw his thoroughness and called him for his pest problem. Todd is thorough, explains well what he is doing, uses products that won't harm children or animals and is very helpful with tips about any problems you may have. He is a wealth of information. Thank you Todd for being there for us.
We have our pest control taken care of by Standard Pest Control. We are very happy with their service. We are on a contract with them and they come out every couple of month.
I have used this company a few times over the years for pest problems at different properties and have always been happy with the service. No contract to sign or high pressure scare tactics. This week Standard Pest Control removed some wasp/hornet nests from my eaves. And as always were affordable and prompt to help me before anyone got stung.
The first thing I like about Todd is he answers his phone, I dislike machines. Todd showed up on time, within 24 hours of calling him. He was courteous, professional and very knowledgeable about our problem with odorous house ants. He did not seem to be in a hurry to rush off to his next appointment, explained everything he was doing and how it would work. I would not hesitate to call him back if the need arises and recommend him highly. Thank you for a job well done Todd.
Dean S. 
I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the 5 years of great service you have provided not only to myself but to my folks who recommended you.  I especially appreciate the time you take to thoroughly explain your recommendations and that you always complete your services when you say you will. I would without hesitation recommend you to anyone who is looking for value and quality in a pest control company.
Andrea G. 
Todd Player is excellent. He comes around every few months and we don’t even have to be home. We had mice in the basement and he took care of all that. He uses nontoxic stuff and it covers bugs and rats and mice and we have seen a big difference after we started using him. He is very professional and he is always on time. He has a schedule. We would continue to use him in the future.
Great service, very trustworthy, goes above and beyond. Would recommend to anyone!
Above and Beyond Service by ChaseNW 

Standard pest has provided service for me at a small apartment building I own. I had trouble with mice in the walls following local construction. He provides a very affordable maintenance service...4 times a year. He has come to check on things within 24 hours of the call when a tenant thought there was more activity. Today he went above and beyond. Arrived at another rental within 3 hours of my call to check in on a complaint of pest activity under the stove. He identified the problem, provided the needed service and educated my tenant on the things that were inviting the pests {birdfeeders}. He will be following up in a couple days to make sure everything taken care of. I have added this dwelling to my account. The friendly and prompt service is a real plus . I have peace of mind that my tenants are not having to deal with pests and they appreciate his professionalism and I appreciate his affordability and reliability. and, he's just a nice guy.
David L. 
We found them on Angie's List and were quite happy with them. We liked that they used natural products that are not toxic to people as first choice. If it is necessary they will use stronger products.
Nick K. 
I've dealt with some of the larger pest control firms in the past, but this time when I needed an exterminator I made it a point to use a local, family owned, business.  I'm so glad that I called Standard Pest Control; Todd took his time to evaluate my situation and recommend a solution that would address the problem quickly and effectively.  Within two weeks I was already seeing results, and calling Todd to re-visit my property.  If you're looking for an honest, trustworthy, exterminator who gets results, I definitely recommend Todd and his team at Standard Pest Control.
No more rats! Wonderful local business. I was very happy with the results SPC had at my home. Caught a couple of large rats and set us up on a affordable prevention service four times a year so that does not happen again. While at Costco over the weekend my service tech was there also and discreetly asked if everything was still going good at my home, I thought that was great and it showed that this company really cares for its customers.
Pamela G - Bridlewood 
I was very pleased with Todd's response and education on pest matters. I just referred him to a friend of mine and emailed a couple neighbors as well. I didn't have too much to be concerned about but wanted to PREVENT pests from taking over while my house is fairly new too.
After discovering a huge hornets nest as some leaves fell off my tree and getting attacked I wanted those things dead and dead fast. Standard Pest Control came out within a hour and put on a bee suit and totally removed the nest from our apple tree without using any chemicals on it. I have not seen any more hornet since. Outstanding customer service, Thanks again. 
Heather W. 
I called Standard Pest Control because of the customer reviews. I travel frequently and recently stayed in a hotel where I found bed bugs. I was very concerned that I brought the bugs home. Within an hour of calling Todd, he came to my house, only to reassure me the critters were not in my home. He also gave me some valuable tips on how to identify the problem in a hotel room (and then run really fast in the opposite direction). I would highly recommend Todd and his company to anyone with pest control needs. His professionalism, promptness, and genuine desire to help his customers is very evident.
He's Honest! What a Breath of Fresh Air! I called because the reviews were so good, but I doubted they were true! Boy was I Wrong! Todd answered the phone w/ in 3 rings! Right away he said he doesn't really deal w/ "yard pests" BUT he gave me several suggestions to try on my own! I sure miss business people like him! Todd ... You're GREAT!
Pacific Place 
Todd exceeds expectations...very happy at Pacific Place. As usual Todd showed up on time and handled an issue we had with bees this morning. He is ALWAYS professional, great with residents and has a vast amount of knowledge. He not only helps us solve the problem but he helps us prevent future problems. Wouldn't use anyone else!!
Kim W. 
I had previous service from Standard Pest Control of Olympia, WA and was VERY satisfied. He was on time and prompt and explained everything very well. My carpenter ant problem has been fixed. He also noticed my yellow jacket hive on the eave of the house. He advised me to get rid of it because as the temperature rises, so will the activity. The hive was fascinating to watch, but I was in fear of my daughter getting stung. He came out and removed the hive for free. I am still fascinated. He explained all about the hive mentality and the queen. I recommend them for any pest control needs. Very professional.
Home Owner 
Excellent Service, Satisfied Customer. There are a ton of pest control outfits in the area. Standard did not pressure us to sign up for a service contract. They were willing to work around our schedule and arrived promptly. Very professional and knowledgeable. Fair price. We will be using them again in the future.
The Madison Apartments 
Outstanding Professional Service!! Standard Pest Control has exceeded my expectations for the last 3 years. I work in the multi-family business and have relied on Standard to take care of all my pest control needs. They are very responsive...great with the residents and always...always professional.
I am 100% satisfied with the work that Standard Pest Control has done for us. Todd exceeded all of my expectations with the way that he went above and beyond to service our needs. I highly recommend Todd and his company.
I called Todd about an ant problem and he came out the next day. I had called a few other pest control companies but he was the most affordable. He did a great job - no more ants! - and was courteous, professional and efficient. And doing business with a small, family-owned company is a bonus!
John Duerr, Coldwell Banker 
Called Todd in the morning and he came out the next day. He knew exactly what the problem was and handled it immediately and decisively. I have a dog and kids and he assured me it will only kill the bugs, not the "big bugs". Greatly appreciate Todd at Standard Pest Control. THANKS TODD
Michael & Debra in Olympia 
If you have a pest problem, you must call Standard Pest Control. Todd, thank you so much for your professionalism and great service at a fair price. Not only are the pests gone from under our home, but we were given advice to avoid future problems. Todd let us know about a tree issue that could or did lead to roof rats and a garage door problem. I appreciate his advice and his concern about protecting pets and property. I would recommend Standard Pest Control to anyone with a pest issue and would not hesitate calling again.
Jeff in DuPont 
I had a tenant who complained about a mouse or rat scurrying above in the attic in a rental property of mine. I called Standard Pest Control and was given a firm quote and commitment to contact my tenant and take care of the problem right away. Todd was out to the property and took care of the roof rat problem quickly and efficiently. He even came back to my property a couple of times to make sure that everything was completely taken care of and that there were no more rats. He even went to the trouble of taking care of a couple of torn vent holes leading into the foundation by installing additional mesh wiring. I will use Standard Pest Control again if I ever have any more pest problems in my rental properties.
Mike in Olympia 
Called Standard Pest Control because of a rat problem in my motor home. Talked to Todd on Monday morning he came out the same day @ 3:30pm. He looked over the situation and placed two baited traps in the motor home and filled two bait stations near my house. He came by the next morning and BINGO we had the rodent. I can't say enough about his knowledge of what needs to be done. Very professional company and great customer service. I will call Todd and his company again whenever I need pest control.
Mike in Tumwater 
Spoke with Todd at Standard Pest Control on the phone and he gave me instructions over the phone on how to handle my rat problem myself ... and it's working! I must say, I am not use to a business person talking you out of using their services as Todd did. But if I should need professional help in the future, I know who to call now - and again, Thanks!
Lacey Resident 
Super Happy & Relieved!! I'm a Naval Reservist on orders and work out of Whidbey Island during the week. My disabled mother lives in our home and reported hearing noises at night. Sure enough when I came home this weekend I could hear what could only be rats running on the duct work under the house and I could hear their squeaking in the walls in the bathroom this morning. I got on line and found Todd of Standard Pest Control and sent him an urgent e-mail. Even though his hours start at 1000 on Saturday, he called me within 20 minutes of sending the e-mail and was here by 1000. Todd is very pleasant, knowledgeable and his customer service is outstanding. He explained the steps I should take to keep the rats from being attracted to the house. Who knew they like to snack on dog poop!? So I'm hiring my niece to be a pooper scooper and mom will be bringing the dog food/water in at night. Todd has reassured us that he will be following up til the rats are gone and has given us back our peace of mind.
Hearthstone Apartments 
Happy in Tumwater! I couldn't be happier with Todd and Standard Pest Control! As an apartment community manager we encounter residents that have phobias against spiders, ants and bugs in general. It's wonderful to know that we can call Todd and within a day he is out to get rid of whatever pest has made their way into a residents apartment. He is always very courteous, friendly and informative with pest preventive tips. We are happy to have him servicing our apartment community! He's the best!
Talk about prompt service and he was very knowledgeable about how to kill the horrible fleas in the rental house next door. The rental house was so bad we could not get the work crew in there without fleas doing serious harm to their legs. I needed help quick because I have all these people lined up to fix the place up to get it back on the market to rent. Not only did Todd come within an hour he also took care of other problems around my own home I never got to and did not know how to get rid of ants with a den about 2 feet high out in our woods. He knew about that and a lot of other things like wasps, etc. He had my place taken care of so fast he left me amazed. And it was also affordable...makes we wonder why I waited so long to have him out here in the first place. I'm glad that Windermere Property Management recommended him to me.
LKLacey -
Called about a yellow jacket nest under the siding of my house - Todd and his son came out the same day, and by evening all the yellow jackets were gone! They even found another wasp nest under my eves and took care of it as well. Super friendly, great service and no more bees! I couldn't be happier. Will call Standard Pest Control for all my pest needs.
Todd, Owen & Kelley R. 
We were having a problem with chipmunks getting into our walls of our house. Todd came out within 5 minutes of estimated time of same day called and thoroughly checked out our home and gave us a simple solution to do ourselves and didn't even charge for the house call. Will use him in the future or recommend him to anyone! Professional- yes. Honest- yes.
NW Southernbelle 
Wow, believe the reviews posted! We were having a problem with chipmunks getting into our walls of our house. Todd came out within 5 minutes of estimated time (same day called) and thoroughly checked out our home and gave us a simple solution to do ourselves. Didn't even charge for the housecall. Will use him in the future or recommend him to anyone! Professional-yes. Honest-yes. Thanks Todd.
Woodsy Habitat by JD 
I met Todd from Standard Pest Control this morning. I was very impressed with his technical knowledge and customer service. My neighbors have been using Todd's services for years and now I know why. I was a customer service expert for decades and Todd is the real deal. I'm confident his pest protection is as good as his reputation and I will be adding a review after we've had time to assess our association. I'd like to thank my neighbors for recommending Standard.
Jan G. 
We had ants dropping through the ceiling of our little cabin one very hot day and when we called this company they knew the ants came down because it was so hot in the attic area. They also treated the entire house and now come on a regular schedule. We have been very pleased. They were prompt, efficient, and got rid of the ants.
Thank you so much for your help this weekend. I really appreciated your telling me how to remove book lice from my house without having to resort to spraying pesticides in my kitchen. I was desperate to get rid of them before my new refrigerator arrived and your advice allowed me to achieve that goal. I called several pest control companies, even my usual local company, and all of them said that I would have to spray or they had never even heard of book lice. You not only had heard of them, but you even went online and did additional research to see what the newest recommended methods were for getting rid of them. Not only will I be switching to you for all of my pest control from now on, I will also be recommending you to all of my friends and family. Thank you so much for your wonderful assistance.
I called Standard Pest Control to take care of wasp nests on our 2 story house. They were friendly on the phone, gave me a firm quote which was very reasonable and came out the next day and took care of our problem. I had a very good experience with them and will call again when needed.
Had a problem with squirrels in the roof. Father and son came out exactly when they said they would. Very friendly and helpful suggestions. Screened off openings, put out bait box in a jiffy! Very reasonably priced, very good people. Highly recommend this business.
Lory & Jeff 
Well rounded service with a sunny disposition! I went searching for someone to bring down the number of spiders around our house and shrubs. Thankfully I found STANDARD PEST CONTROL. Todd was direct and upfront and clearly articulated his willingness to not only get "rid" of all the unwanted pests but went above and beyond reassuring us that he values all of his clients and runs a honest business. He takes feedback with a smile and he has been a pleasure to work with. I have cats and soon to add a dog and I know that he is as concerned about the animals in the home as well as the people.
We are very impressed with Todd from Standard Pest Control. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. When we have had an issue with mice, he makes time to quickly come out and take care of the problem. We would highly recommend him.
We would highly recommend Todd from Standard Pest Control. He is very professional, knowledgeable and his services are reasonably priced. We have a mouse problem in the neighborhood that we live in, and when you contact him he is quick to come out and take care of things.
Michelle W. 
Todd from Standard Pest provides great service. He is very professional, thorough and he promptly came over and took care of our pest problems. We would highly recommend this business.

Fantastic job! Not only was Todd professional, he cared about my family and animals sensitivity to chemicals. We had an ant problem after we changed our dishwasher, Todd showed up quickly, was efficient, non evasive, and got right to the problem. We found him affordable and trustworthy. Within a day the ants were gone! Thanks Standard Pest Control for a job well done!
Kellie G. 
Todd goes above and beyond. A family ran business, they offer great rates, pet and kid safe products, he is on time, and sets up an affordable plan if you need future visits. He does not try to sell you a bunch of services you don't need. He also offers Military and Civil Servant Discounts.
Many thanks for solving the problem in my roof. I would highly recommend you and I would definitely call you again should I need your services. The squirrels in the attic have been a long time problem and it appears solved.
I called Todd out for a rodent problem after seeing what I thought was a rat in my garage. He came out the same day, looked in the garage and the crawl space under the house. He told me I did not appear to have a rodent problem rather a lone rat. He set a trap in my garage and did not charge me for the visit. I really appreciated his honesty. I would strongly recommend him.

I picked up bed bugs from a hotel and Standard Pest Control treated my situation with a "green method" of using hot steam and a heat gun instead of using pest spray on my bed. Standard was also discrete with my condo neighbors. Thanks again for all your help.
I highly recommend this company. The best customer service and follow through I have seen in a long time. Prompt and courteous. Flexible and reasonably priced. Todd answered all of my questions and delivered everything he promised.

Very happy with service, no high pressure up sell or contract to sign. Service was great and got rid of our problem right away. I have recommended Standard Pest Control to friends and co-workers and they were very satisfied as well. Thanks again.
Lory & Jeff 
Spiders, no more. After speaking with Todd on the telephone it was evident that he takes pride in his work and satisfying his customers. We hired him to provide pest control to our home in the summer of 2009 and have invited him back for treatment in the summer of 2010.
Above and beyond expectations. Todd Player is a rarity in today's world. We called him with a problem, he responded the SAME day, came out two days later and took care of the problem along with another we didn't notice before. What a guy!! So honest, helpful, friendly and reasonably priced. Quite a package, I'd say. Would we recommend him to others? In a heartbeat!
I had hornets in my walls. Todd was at my house the same day I called. The nest was bigger than I thought and had to call him a couple weeks later. He came by again on the day I called. I have not seen a hornet anywhere near my house since.
Very responsive and competitively priced. I gave Standard Pest Control a try after reading other reviews about them. I was very satisfied with their responsiveness to my request for a treatment. They were able to get the job done on short notice and did the work quickly for a fair price. Although I never actually met them, Todd (the owner) called me back after the job was complete to make sure I knew they had completed the work and to make sure I was satisfied. They gave me a great warranty on their work and I am confident that I would rely on Standard again for any preventative or corrective pest control treatment in the future.
"Garbage Girl" 
Standard is a great company for pest control. Todd is here once a week to keep our rat population under control and is always friendly. He has been our go-to-guy for pest control for over 2 years. I would recommend him to anyone that has a pest problem.
Todd from Standard Pest Control is wonderful. I am allergic to bees and not only did he come out the same day to remove a hive that had grown in our shed when the bees started making hives around the house he came back and included that as a part of the first visit. I would use this company again.
I can't say enough good things about Standard Pest Control. I am an environmentalist and animal lover who wanted to discourage the starlings from nesting in my eaves every year. Todd Player, owner of SPC honored my wishes by barring different entry points "before" the starlings arrived to set up residence. Several weeks later, I had him come out to deal with a carpenter ant problem and was very pleased that the solution he mixes and the method of delivery to the nest is environmentally friendly. The ants were gone within a few days and no harm came to wildlife or neighborhood pets. Thanks, Todd. You are the best!!! I don't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs pest control services.
Thanks again for doing the work you did for me. I remain very happy that I was able to hire you to do that. I've had a lot of contractors do various things for me but most of them are people I'd never recommend to anyone. It is unusual in this day and age to find someone that is honest, open and caring enough to not try and take advantage of people by telling them they need a lot more work than they really do. And, on top of that, someone that knows what they are doing and do it in a very professional manner. Indeed, I remain very happy with your service.
Todd (Standard Pest) is great. Knowledgeable and polite. Seems to take pride in his work and is interested in building long-term customers. Would definitely suggest him. His fees are also quite low - the lowest I could find.
Great service for pest problems. Very professional reasonably priced, friendly and considerate. I would not call anyone else for a pest problem. The other estimates that I had done were double or triple the price Todd quoted. Todd is efficient, effective, helpful, and friendly.

Tracy D. 
We have used them for pest control services. He used to work for someone else earlier, but owns his own business now. We last used his services about a month ago. We have a log home and he takes care of pest control, mostly on the outside. He does not have much to do on the inside since he has done such a good job on it earlier. He also takes care of things like getting rid of bees and mice if required. He is a nice person and very reliable. He is very attentive and loves his work. He is on time, and does what he says he is going to do. He is very good at what he does and the quality of work is outstanding. The overall experience has been excellent and I will continue to use his services in the future.
Standard Pest Control was prompt at resolving our sugar ant issue that another pest control company failed to do. They are locally owned and operated and would recommend them to anyone who needs pest control service.


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